FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

Baby Surprise Jacket

(Yes, still with the bad camera-phone shots)

Having been itching to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket for ages now, so it’s no real surprise that it became the first FO I’ve knit for bump. And yes, it’s as lovely a knit as everyone says it is. 😀

The yarn is some of the C21Yarns merino/lambs wool I used to knit Tatami, and given that it’s 4ply, the jacket is pretty small, so i’m guessing it’s not going to get a huge amount of wear.

Though, that’s not really the point it is?

PS. In my attempt not to drown in spam, i managed to make it impossible to comment at all. *clever me!* This is – I believe – now fixed, so feel free to comment away. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. the baby surprise jacket is beautiful in that yarn…

    very gorgeous.

    I am also running a war on spam. Why is wordpress so bad?

    1. you need to go to your plugins and activate Akismet – it has been stopping everything in it’s tracks.

      Also thank you!

      hope things are going ok. *hug*

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