First Oxford Kitchen Yarns Post!

Look! Content!

I know… it’s shocking, considering how much I seemed to abandon my old craft blog. I was always making things – it’s just that I got used to not being able to blog about them, and sort of stopped blogging about anything. But – after a couple of false starts I’m properly back, and the business is well on it’s way to being started, so I thought I’d blog about what I’m knitting at the moment, so that people who come nosying over from typepad will have new things to read (finally!)

So lets talk about camel yarn.

camel yarn <3

Gorgeous isn’t it?

It’s incredibly soft too.

I bought five 25g balls of this camel yarn while in Florence on our honeymoon, and at one point it was being knitted up a very cute scarf, but to be honest I was using needles that were too thin, and it was turning out no-where near as soft as it was in the ball, and I’m not really one for thin, back and forth scarf-knitting, so it got put back into the stash, and I spend a long time thinking about what it should be.

The thing is, I wanted it to be something special, because a) yarn from Italy, b) yarn from my honeymoon, and c) very very soft camel yarn that I can’t get easily here in the uk.

Cue the Comfort Shawl:

comfort shawl (before ripping back 6

A small, simple shawl that would show off the softness of the camel, and be useful, given how cold our house gets in the winter.

And it’s all going swimmingly – except there is an error on row 43 which means that the shawl has stopped growing in width at the front for the last ball and a half. And having looked at the picture again…

comfort shawl pattern picture

Yeah, the decrease the pattern asks for after the border edges shouldn’t be there. Those front panels should be getting wider, and on mine… not so much.

So I’m frogging in. In fact I’ll go do it now.

So this is what I lost:


and this is what I’m left with:


However, I have decided to be the optimist, and point out that I now get to spend even more time knitting with this yarn, so it’s not all bad.

(Over half though… that’ll teach me to just blindly follow the pattern. 🙁 )

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