EZ Hybrid Sweater: Days 8 (yesterday) and 9 (today)

Day 8: Get up. Watch Black Books – graft back of neck to second saddle, knit collar, and graft the underarms. W comes back from the allotment and tries it on. W looks foxy, and a bit like a jelly fish with all the loose ends hanging down. I go do other things for a bit.

On the way to friends’ son’s 2nd birthday, I pick up the stitches for the bottom inner edge. Have decided that the sleeve cuffs don’t actually need it. Knit for an inch or so. Swear at very old wool yarn that is only loosely plied and keeps breaking. Spend A LONG TIME weaving in ends.

Go see Lara after the party, and fail to sew the bottom edge to the inside of the sweater, twice. Abandon it for the night, and go back to chatting.

Day 9: After eatting, spend the rest of lunch finally sewing the edge properly. Jumper just needs blocking but I will leave it dry until W comes home so that he can have his final say before it gets wetted down and left to dry.

However… to all intents and purposes, NINE days after I started, I think the jumper is now DONE!

(Expect FO post in a few days, when there is daylight and W in the same place. 🙂

ETA: Having tried on the jumper I have decided that I AM STEALING IT FOR MYSELF – bwahahahh!!

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2 thoughts on “EZ Hybrid Sweater: Days 8 (yesterday) and 9 (today)

  1. Or you could cast on now and have one of your very own to wear by the next but one bluestockings…

    9 days. Awesome.

    (in the proper, fills me with awe, sense)

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