Eddie Ran.

I’m not back (give me another couple of weeks or so I think…) but if you can, I urge you to sit down and watch Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man. You may or may not know that Eddie Izzard, comedy hero and action transvestite, ran 43 marathons in 51 days last summer for SportRelief.

Mind blowing.

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2 thoughts on “Eddie Ran.

  1. And he speaks French. I think I remember him saying on Radio 4 that he toured France doing shows in French. How difficult must that be! My children and I love the clip of him we found on youtube about the non-usefulness of the first words you learn in French (I think it is called “Learning French”). We found it, I don’t know how, just after we’d moved from Oxford to France and the children were battling with learning all the colours and the members of their family for the third time when what they really wanted to be able to say was “it’s not fair” and “oh no, not more homework” and other phrases that would be more useful in the playground.

    Of course I did have to explain why he was wearing make-up and what is possibly a dress, but that is no bad thing.

    And as for his marathons!!!! He is just amazing. He’s said he might go into politics in which case he’d get my vote. Anyway the clip on youtube is worth checking out if ever you need cheering up.

    Good luck with whatever crafting and allotmenting you do manage to do. How you manage any of it with a small child to run after amazes me.
    Wishing you lots of bright spring days

    1. I love how fearless he is! Gigs in french is a great example of that. 🙂

      Thank you! I have to say that pretty much all of the allotmenting is down to W, rather than me. Though I still pick a mean tub of berries given half the chance! 😉

      Hope you have a great spring too! (The first leaves are out on the willow tree – this makes me very happy!)

      Katie x

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