Desk hunting…

So yesterday W met up with his best friend A, and i stayed home, watched the first episode of 30 days (which is brilliant btw) and finished the first of the lace socks, made with the plum coloured merino I brought back from Florence.  (Unfortunately they’re christmas presents so i’m going to hold back on actually posting photos for a while…)

Anyways W came home and let me know that it’s A’s wife’s birthday (my lovely friend J) on sunday, which is on the one hand great, because I was woolly about the date and now i know it and can add it to my birthday list, yay! but also bum, because whatever happens it’s going to be a day or too late.

So this morning, while W rebuilt his road bike, I curled up with my laptop to work out what to make her, (since i’m good for time, but not really for money right now.)

I’m all ideaed up, and as a bonus have started adding useful links to my account.

But it will all have to wait since W and I are off to go find ourselves a desk at one of the second-hand furniture places we know. And, bonus that means swinging by one of my favourite cafes in the city for lunch. (last time we had a tropical fruit curry with huge chunks of plantain and watermelon in it – so healthy and cheap!)


We’re planning to turn the box room (our first room when W originally co-bought the house), into an office so that we can move the computer and hopefully all my craft stuff upstairs. The next step in us sorting out the house.

*jumps in the shower*

Hopefully I’ll still have time to start J’s present tonight. Photos later…

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