Day 5: Pattern for Sale


<s>Wanna do a swap? Pattern for yarn/fabric/trim/whatnot… oh your know the usual.</s> gone. 🙂

I bought this pattern having been inspired by the ones I saw at A Dress A Day. I then spent the most of one day tracing the patterns (to keep the original perfect) and making a test version.

However the pattern just didn’t suit my shape. So it needs a good home.

The pattern contains all the pieces (uncut) and instructions. It’s sized 14-20.

Bust – 36" to 42"
Waist – 28" to 34"
Hip – 38" to 44"

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4 thoughts on “Day 5: Pattern for Sale

  1. I just bought that pattern too! I’m thinking of making a few alterations though, maybe have a little fullness in the skirt by putting a zipper in instead of ties.

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