Cute things.

I really should have posted this picture weeks ago, but christmas kept me away from typepad.  These are a pair of button wreaths i made from the hospice shop button stash, having been influenced by the holiday issue of Martha Stewart Kids, and… wow i’m behind… and now i’m waiting for everyone’s pages to load…

Anyways sadly, they never went up because i didn’t buy a tree, but they are in the box with all the decorations i pilfered from mum’s, ready for next year. (going through mum’s decorations was great. i found all these tiny knitted socks that i can barely remember knitting, and these painted clay shapes that my sister made, and our little plastic and wool needle points, and bwahahah i kept them all and will have great fun next year trimming a tree and adding to the collection with new crafty things.)

I didn’t make this. It was on the back of the zip-up cardigan i bought my niece for christmas.  i love the felt and the embroidery and the knitted base it’s on.  and since this is the year of knitting (and even – shock horror!) designing garments, it inspires me to add more detail into my work.  🙂

(The cardigan was from Next).

And continuing on the knitted garment theme – i’m knitting myself this, using Jo Sharp luxury 8ply dk pure wool, in paris (light blue) and parchment (grey green).  Some how i managed to knit the back piece in one day! and since i’m off to SnB tonight, i’m guessing the front will well be on it’s way by the time i get home. Add to that a couple of long bus journeys this weekend, to see friends in London and i could have the jumper finished in a week. 🙂 Of course knitting on US8’s helps. 

In knitting it, i have learnt how to make a tubular cast on, which i think i have fallen in love with. i’m planning to use it on various pairs of socks, amongst other things. 🙂

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