Bump and Knitting…

Bump at 32 1/2 weeks

Despite my general need to go into the guts of my phone and turn off whatever I turned on that started date stamping my photos, it’s kinda useful to have it here, since it’s proof (of sorts) that it *is* in fact August, despite needed my walking boots and an umbrella just to go into town.

But anyways it’s good for the veggies (apart from the tomatoes which are likely to start blighting pretty soon. But even that means we’ll just have more green tomato pickle for the winter. So really there isn’t much of a downside, if you look hard enough.

Yeah, so the bump is pretty damn big now. 🙂

Anyways… KNITTING!

Currently on my needles is a version of Something Red by Knit and Tonic mixed with the visual style of Gloria from Noro (Ravelry link).

Something Handspun

The stripes are half Jo Sharp Silk Road DK tweed, which I originally used to make the Picovoli Jumper a couple of years ago (and then ripped because I loved the yarn, and never wore the jumper. I’m fearless like that.) and half the wensleydale Handspun that I have been working on. Despite W’s protests, like with the Gloria cardigan, the body of this cardigan is reverse stocking stitch, since I’m not big on stripes going the width of my body. Plus I love the dottiness of it.

Something Handspun

Then, instead of 2×2 rib for the body, which I think might be a bit harsh so soon after giving birth, given I’m planning to wear this this coming winter, I changed it to lovely mistake rib, which gives a similar – but softer – effect.

Oh and I’ll probably make the sleeves full length.

(Aside – I wish places in the UK stocked Silkroad tweed, since it’s wonderful stuff.)

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