Back from a week of Decorating! Or I LOVE our bedroom now.

Bedroom Loveliness

W and I have slept in almost all of the rooms you could use as bedrooms since he bought this house, back in 2002. For the first two years we were only here on weekends, and our room was the tiny boxroom I now use as a workroom/office. Then when we moved here full-time, we had the bedroom downstairs, which we painted a soft turquoise.

Eventually – not long before we got married, in 2005, (when all the other housemates moved out) we FINALLY moved into the master bedroom, and there we have stayed.

I’m pretty sure that the day we moved in, I announced that we needed to decorate. And – TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER – we have!

old green wall

It’s not that i didn’t like the colour. Oh wait… no it IS that i didn’t like the particular colour. I like green. I like green alot (which is hilarious when you know that one of my best friends HATES green with a passion). I just didn’t like that green. It was too dark, too opressive.

Housemate!J had already put her stamp on the room by painting two of the walls cream, but all the paintwork was a dirty apple-white colour, and overall the room just didn’t work.

So we made it not work even more, by mis-picking colours, and daubing them on the walls. THAT has been the view from my pillow for two years.

Now my view looks like this:

better view from my pillow

The tester squares are gone, and the dark green is now ‘antique’ cream. Much airer!


This is the opposite wall, (as it was).

more messy walls

And this is the other side of the same chimney pillar. Urgh.

sovay, sovay...

And this is what it looks like now: yes, basically I used a softer green (though the camera phone, and then time of day, makes it look darker than it is), and switched the colours of all (but one) wall. So everything that was green is now cream. (THREE coats, of breathable crown paint).

And all that was cream is now green. (Apart from that one wall by the wardrobe – because that would look weird.) The woodwork is all white silk emulsion. (Though I think W is right – It will need a proper gloss, but that’s not going to happen for the next year or so.) And the inside of the wardrobe is a soft velvety purple.

(But I can’t get a good shot of that, and anyways, you’ll see it when we paint the tv room, since we decided it would work well in there too. 🙂

Much softer, and calmer, and more relaxing. So much so, that i’m working from in here today, (given that the office is still full of stuff that is not going back into the bedroom, and needs new homes.)

And with that, I’m back! 🙂

More very soon.

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8 thoughts on “Back from a week of Decorating! Or I LOVE our bedroom now.

  1. Looking very lovely – I love your photos and i think it looks like a haven of tranquillity and calm. I like the colours – they work really well with the pictures and lovely things in your bedroom. I’m always surprised how much I do like colour in rooms – I usually tend to think that neutral white/magnolia is good for showing rooms off but having lived in rented accommodation so long I do have the yearning now and again to add the odd colour splash!

    1. Thank you! Given that they’re all from my phone, i’m really pleased with them. 🙂

      i hated living in magnolia rooms – i think it makes you have to work so much harder to pull a room together. i love that we can paint our walls bright colours!

  2. The colour goes fabulously with the artwork. I’m very much looking forward to see what you do with the purple.
    Also, details on the artwork, please? I want to steal.

    1. Thank you! i’m really pleased with it. 🙂

      I went to find the post about the posters, and realised that all the images were still linking to the dead typepad ones, rather than flickr. however, i hunted out the original shots (i think) and updated the page. which you can find here.

      All the posters, bar ‘Sleeping in Trees’ and ‘Chairs and Marmots’ came from a gallery in Manchester, that sells Jay Ryan’s work, so they are pretty easy to get hold of over here. (Or they were. Let me go check… yup they’re still there. in fact now i’m thinking that we should look into getting something that’ll eventually go in the baby’s room… *ponders*)

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      (btw – i’m trying to work out if this threading thing works. did you get this as an email?)

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