A visit to Stash

On about Wednesday, I read about Stash Yarns in Amelia Raitte’s blog. Within the hour I had organised to meet up with my friend J, and check it out on Friday afternoon. Also I posted about it on the Blue Stocking website* and generally got very excited when I saw the list of yarns they stock.

They stock Koigu and Lorna’s Laces, for god’s sake, and they are the only place I know of where you can go and fondle them, rather than just ordering with blind faith from a web store, without ever having actually seen either of the yarns in real life.

So off we trotted to the shop. Or rather, I spent thirty minutes waiting for a coach, then two hours travelling on a coach, then fifteen minutes on a tube to go to the shop.

And you know what?

It was totally worth it.

The shop is as neat and lovely as you could hope for. The yarn is displayed in tall, black laminated wood cube shelving, with little drawers for overstock and the like. Given my love of neat things for putting things in I felt right at home.

The owners, Michelle and Nathalie were chatty, and funny and knowledgeable, and obviously tickled pink to be running their own yarn shop. I swear they spent some of the time just staring at their stock in awe. We joined them – we really couldn’t help it. It all looked so beautiful.

Obviously J, having been yarn shopping with me before, made me promise to hold her back from spending too much. And obviously I, being the good friend I am, I completely ignored her and let her play happily among the skeins, building up an impressive pile of purchases. Then we sat on the comfy leather chairs and played with the baskets of tension squares that are there for people to add a row or two and get a feel for a the yarns while on the needles.

I was in yarn heaven. I felt to welcome, and relaxed, and excited to finally get to touch and buy all the yarns I have been reading about on US blogs for the past year.

I got a bit giddy.

I broke my ‘look but don’t buy’ policy.

I came away with yarn.


l to r:
– 1 skein of Art Yarns Ultramerino 6 (colour 139) which are going to be a pair of Elfine’s Socks I think.
– 2 skeins of koigu which I am busily turning into my first pair of Jaywalker socks (Yes, I’m late to the Jaywalker party, but I *can* see what all the fuss is about. 🙂
– 2 skeins of Colourmart cashmere which I still have yet to wind into balls, and will will probably become more socks, (maybe Pomatomus, since this girl can never have too many cashmere socks.)

There were a ton of other things I *could* have added to that pile, but I didn’t. As Michelle and Nathalie pointed out, they’re not going anywhere. 🙂

In conclusion:

If you live in London, or in travelling distance to London – please go and visit the shop and say hello.
If you are visiting London, East Putney is easy to get to by tube, and the shop is only a couple of minutes walk away.
If you know me – that’s where I’m planning my next birthday party!

ETA: It turns out Michelle has a blog so if you want to see what the inside of the shop looks like there are lots of pictures here.

*The Oxford Blue Stockings is the local knitting group I’m part of. It deserves it’s own post. I will write one very soon.

I finished the thank you socks for W’s mum.


They are knitted in Gem yarn, and the pattern is adapted from the Friday Harbour pattern in Socks on the Road by Nancy Bush.

She received them yesterday, and from her email, I think they were a success!

(Shocking though i find it, some people don’t actually like hand knitted socks. I’ve sent a few pairs out into the world that have been met with a distinct ‘meh’. In fact even W says he feels that hand knit socks get ruined to easily and leave his feet too hot. Which is a pity because I love knitting them. I just keep a list of who *does* find them useful, and figure, well more for ‘our side’ then. )

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5 thoughts on “A visit to Stash

  1. Regardless, they are a very thoughtful gift. If more of your recipients knew how much time you put into them, I’d bet you’d have a 100% success rate!

  2. VERY EXCITING! Just trying to work out when I can go, sounds like a fab shop. I felt very excited when I first discovered the Knit Tin because that was nearby and beautifully presented and the people who ran it were so lovely and interesting. (I might go when I am in the wool buying business again….)
    On that note, The Knit Tin have got Cathay for £1.25 which is tempting me to make Sgt Pepper. What do you reckon? Do you think I could do it?

  3. Ooh. I’ll definately have to check them out when I’m next down in London (which should hopefully be soon!)

    Re: socks. Oh man. I would be giddy if I got socks. I’m actually attempting my first pair at the moment. DPN are mocking me, so I think I’m going to try magic loop.

    ps. I have joined the ranks of the crafty blogs now. Yay.

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