A thursday of knitting…

This Thursday my sister is flying to San Fransisco for a conference, then over New York for a few days nosey around, during which she’s got a one day trip to Cornell for a post-doc interview.  As per her request i made her a new lime green knitted hat, (from Jo Sharp Silkroad DK tweed in Ambrosia), because lime green is her colour. Unfortunately i didn’t have enough yarn or time to make her a matching scarf, but that was fine because she said she’d buy one.

you know where this is going right?

We both ended up looking and there were no lime green scarves to be found. Anywhere.  OK that’s not totally true. I saw one, in Debenhams. by John Rocha, but it was 100% acrylic and i knew Kx needed something to keep her warm since she gets cold easily and New York is cold in December.

I also knew i was seeing her on Friday (last Friday) which would be the last time until she gets back on the 19th. 

But scarves take a long time.
But i didn’t want her to have to settle.
Especially for an interview.

So before my Wednesday SnB i took a side trip to the only place in my city that sells decent yarn.

And came away with four balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and the determination to get a scarf made by Friday.  And again, my being off work right now became a blessing.

Thursday became ‘knitting day’.  I set up my laptop in the bedroom, borrowed a stack of films of my housemate-R and lined up the balls of yarn.  I had managed to knit about a foot and a half on the Wednesday night, having spent a bit of time sorting out what needle to use (US9) and the pattern.

I had a shower, got dressed, had breakfast, tidied up a bit, then got to work.

After watching:
Calendar Girls (Which i loved)
The Princess Diaries (yeah, i don’t really know why either – except Julie Andrews!)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (which i hadn’t seen since it came out in the cinema, and i still like)
and new version of The Importance of Being Earnest (which was great.)
i had a scarf.

Of course there was no time to block it, but it’s as tall as Kx is (five foot something) and will be wrapped around and around to keep the chill out, so no one will really notice.  I’ll block it over Christmas or something. 🙂

I’m really in love with single cables right now. i think it started when i saw a Margaret Nicole bag in the latest Vogue knitting. Ever since then they have been turning up in my designs.

I really loved knitting day. Usually I’m too busy to have one, or can’t justify it to myself, and once W and i start adding to our family I’m sure it will be years before i get to have one again.  So I’m doing what my mum told me, and savouring the time while i can. 🙂

it was great to watch girl-films. they definitely affected my mood, which was good because Thursday was also the day i heard I’d got the job I’d gone for, but will have to turn down, because the interview was horrible, and the company is too tiny for me to avoid the person who did nothing but antagonise and upset me from the moment we met… but that’s a whole nother story.  Suffice to say I’m still not working, still have money in the bank, and in the new year I’ll start the process of looking again.

I’m calling it travelling from my own home. i worked so hard and over so many hours over last few years that it nearly broke me, and definitely killed my belief in what i was doing. This time is about working out what to do next. And it’s going pretty well.

But i digress. I met up with Kx, who didn’t have a clue what i had been up to. (I’m evil and love to plan surprises for the people i love). Luckily she loved it, and can now go of to the US feeling all loved and warm. Which is good, because she is. 🙂

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