A Summer Party

On sunday we had a small(ish) summer party to (sort of) celebrate the upcoming arrival of our first child, or Bock! as I have taken to calling the bump recently.

I made cake…

Cakes for a party

(terrible photo of the cake, taken with my phone, at the dark, northside of the house)

…W made beer, and a good time was had by all. I thought I might show you the presents we got: Firstly – people made stuff, which shouldn’t be shocking at all, given the amount of crafters in my life. But seriously, people made amazing things:

baby clothes made by lara, clare, and given by fred and jo

The mohair hat was made by Lara, and the slipper socks were made by Clare. They are both incredible, and match the colourful swedish babygro that our friends F and J bought for us.

(Plus, as I told Clare earlier today – after thinking i was done knitting stuff for the bump for a while, I’ve found a second wind, and i’m inspired to knit slippers to go over sleepsuit feet for when we’re out walking, but it’s too warm for the snowsuit. So there are a few pairs of Magic Slippers in the works. And maybe some for me too!)

My sister, Kim had been itching to make a hooded baby towel pretty much since she found out she was going to be an auntie. Hooded towels are a big deal to her, and she wanted to make sure to pass that on.

baby towel made by kim

Look what she made! And she used Heather Ross goldfish for the binding! (She knows my love of Heather Ross’ work, only too well. 🙂

baby slippers made by kim

She stayed up WAY too late the night before the party making slipper. Cute!

Treasure basket by Ellen

Ellen made us a Montessori treasure basket, and that, plus a conversation about Montessori for babies, has me hunting for more information. It think it will really work with our general mindset at home, (even if we don’t end up sending bump to a Montessori school later on down the line…)

I already know exactly where this basket is going to live – the lowest shelf on the bookshelf in our new day room. I think – in a year or so – it’s going to be a godsend. 🙂

There were bought presents too, all of which were just as thoughtful:

baby toy from Jaq

Jaq gave us this cool dangly pram toy. I LOVE the colours.

baby towel and sleepsuit from babs

Lovely Babs gave us this really cool trees and snails babygro, and duck towel. (I’m loving that none of us know the gender of bump. It’s making people really creative. 🙂

baby clothes given by kim

Kim also went ‘a bit nuts’ (her words 😉 at People Tree, which is very cool. (I’m glad their kids stuff looks like it’ll fit actual people, unlike their adult stuff imho.)  All the orange and green makes me very happy. 😀

baby clothes from liz

Liz kinda blew me out of the water with this cute baby set. There are cute cows, and chickens…

look though - sheeps!

…and sheep!


Huge thanks to everyone who came to the party. I had a great time!

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2 thoughts on “A Summer Party

  1. What lovely presents you had. Ii’s such an exciting time isn’t it? My 7th G-babe is just 8 weeks old and number eight is due in October with number nine hot on his heels due early December.

    1. Wow! 9 grandkids and 3 in one year! That’s impressive.

      (especially since I come from such a tiny family. I’m one of 4 grandchildren for my granny, and of 2 for my nannan and grandad. This baby will be my granny’s 5th great-grandchild.)

      Yeah, it’s a really exciting time. I feel like i’m in that rush of getting things done before I hibernate (i hope) for the last few weeks. 🙂

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