A project I’m playing with…

So, how about a knitted carpet?

Not as strange as it sounds. I mean, a carpet for our bathroom, which has a tiny floor space.

I’m thinking cotton, so that it could be regularly washed (see? practice) on relatively big needles, (aran weight maybe? – remember, i’m a 4ply kinda girl so I don’t scare easily.)

My current concern is how to attach it to the floor? I mean, it should be relatively easy to knit around the basin etc, but how to keep it in the right place? Magnets? Buttons nailed into the floor?

I will ponder further, but seriously that carpet has to go.


Also the Everyday Food Swap is still on.  Are you interested?

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2 thoughts on “A project I’m playing with…

  1. There was a handknit carpet in interweave a year or two ago. I remember seeing it knit up (at least once) in the blogosphere.

    Wouldn’t one of those rubber mats below be good for keeping it to the carpet?

    I too have been fascinated by knitting a carpet but have been too distracted by other projects to commence such a project.

  2. I think a knitted carpet would be great! I think I saw ones knitted out of stips of white jersey knit fabric somewhere…that might be a little more squishy and nice to stand on than cotton yarn.

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