A Mac called Steve


I made this years ago – a small felt portrait of a mac that I bought (for too much money) from a housemate when I was a student. It was one of those body/screen all in one macs, and though it still worked (just), I only wanted it for how it looked on my shelf. I stuck a plastic tiara on it’s head and named it Steve MacQueen.

I came across this little felt purse a few weeks ago. These days I don’t work in felt, mainly because the kind I can readily get in the UK is not actually wool (i think) and doesn’t wash well. And it bobbles something chronic. But I think I might cut Steve out and frame him, or make him into a patch on something that won’t need washing (though I can’t think what that would be.)

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to comments. I will get to them today or tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “A Mac called Steve

  1. Steve MacQueen. My goodness, how adorable! I think he would look cute as an applique on a bag.
    Where did you live previously that you could get high quality felt? I have a hard time finding it in AZ.

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