A Dress for LR

Let’s have a couple of random things –

  1. LR is six months old today! Go LR! (How has it been six months? How has it only been six months? We all love her so!)
  2. Oxford Kitchen Yarn news: I have been doing lots of dyeing and have more yarn arriving in the next day or so! I’m hoping to get enough dyeing done over the next couple of weeks to re-open the shop after the May Bank Holiday weekend. But I’m hoping, rather than promising.

And on with the post…

Before FB was born I bought Small but Real Clothes and then – as you sometimes do – didn’t actually make anything from it. Luckily the sizing goes up to 3 so I still have the summer to make FB a shirt or two – possibly – and I’ve traced out a few things for LR.

However the first thing I did was combine two of the dress patterns to get this dress:

A Dress for LR

(Check out all the Grape Hyacinths that are in bloom! W dug all those out and planted the hundreds of bulbs by hand last summer, before the shed of great joy was built.)


The main fabric is a 70’s pillowcase and the edging came from Fabric Rehab and is left over from the lining of a bag that I need to show you. The trousers are (yet another!) pair of BBBPants, made from an charity shop teeshirt find.

In the first photo you can just about make out the bias-binding trim on the inside of the arm hole and neck line – they were a bit of a pain to do, but look so lovely. And though I originally planned to use buttons and button holes, so that LR could wear it during our trip to London (I went to see Frankenstein and it was outstanding!) I ended up sewing on press-studs while we were on the bus. But actually they work fine and it all looks very neat.

I have been busy making clothes for the warmer weather – we are having beautiful weather in Oxford at the moment. So there are more pieces to show you very soon. 🙂 And more yarn!

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4 thoughts on “A Dress for LR

    1. Thank you!

      The scallops and the bias did mean that it wasn’t the quickest project in the world but I love how they look!

      Looking forward to seeing you on monday. 🙂

  1. Hello, how much do I love your alt text? Do you always do this and I just haven’t noticed??

    Anyways, received! Thank you! (Did you have to fight the Tube of Doom to get the door open? Hee!)

    1. It’s the first time I’ve done it but I’m definately doing it from now on because it was so much fun to do. 😀

      Yay! Yes, the tube of doom let me know that you probably weren’t in. 😉 Hope you like it. 🙂

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