A Blanket for No2.

A blanket for No2

When I went to London a few weeks ago, I bought some Rowan Lima to make a blanket ready for No2 when they come along. It’s incredible stuff – light and fluffy (because it’s chained) but it’s also going to be lovely and warm because of all the alpaca in it.

I couldn’t pick just one colour, so I ended up with 6, and I’m making a striped version of Pine Forest Baby Blanket (Ravelry Link).

Blanket for no2

It was perfect knitting for while we were away – mindless but not boring, and with a yarn that was airy enough to cope when it got hot. I’m on my 4th colour, and I’m just working out whether it’s going to be big enough. (I want it to be the same size as the one I knit for FB, since it has proved wonderfully useful, even now.)

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