A Big Bag of Random


A Short list of things I have been doing:

– picking berries (though not as many as W, the berry picking master)
– hiding from the heat (the spare bedroom is the coolest place in the house at the moment, but the duvet cover is slowly getting covered in ice-lolly stains, and must. be. changed.)
– watching Supernatural (i came late to the party, but i’m definately there.)
– trying to keep up with Tour de France coverage (i have hours of the stuff still to watch/edit/archive <- yup i’m a big geek)
– abandoning projects (my sister’s jumper is on hiatus till the weather gets cooler, a top down silk top has been ripped and restarted with a whole different pattern, 3/4 done pair of socks were ripped out and re-balled)
– being turned down for jobs (x2)
– applying for job (in the next hour)
– cycling (monday morning, bright and pretty early)
– roasting beetroot (about 3 times in the last 7 days)
– working on the website (my only paying gig at the moment)

I have been in such a craft blah recently.
Maybe it’s because the workroom is like an oven at the moment and is still home to piles of dvds while we sort out shelving for the built-in cupboard in the TV room.

I went through a really good creative period, but right now nothing is working, and i can feel my knitting cofidence eroding.

Of course it’ll come back, and i’ll keep plugging away at this top (because i can handle knitting silk but not wool right now) and listening to the crafty mom podcast for quick crafty inspiration.

(i’m not sure why i feel the need to lick my wounds here right now, except i’ve kinda abandoned this blog recently and i feel bad about it. there is plenty of good stuff going on in my life too – i get lots of time to hang out with W at the moment since he gets to work from home for much of the week – and recently i’ve had some fun hanging out with various friends, and meeting members of W’s family that i haven’t met before.

I’m trying not to feel downhearted or embarrassed that i’m still not working, but it’s hard.)

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3 thoughts on “A Big Bag of Random

  1. Don’t let your mind dwell on negative thoughts, just focus on the positive. Once you’re working again, you’ll miss this time 🙂

  2. Listened to Crafty Mom podcast thingy-got further with it than Cast On you will be glad to know. i’m halfway through the journalling one and finding it inspiring. Thought it was so sweet she was given 12 beautiful notebooks as a present – so thoughtful, nearly made me cry!

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