New in the Shop (and at Darn it and Stitch)

in the shop - 5th Oct 2014

OxfordKitchenYarns September 2014 whole order to Darn it and StitchSo after a short, unscheduled breaks, when my computer finally died and had to be replaced, there is great new yarn in the shop, and at Darn it and Stitch.

Also, if you want to be updated with OxfordKitchenYarns as they come into the shop, on your Pinterest dashboard you can join the OxfordKitchenYarns board.

Now the weather is getting cooler (a bit cooler, anyway) I’ve been knitting up some small projects in OxfordKitchenYarns which I’ll start posting next week.

Happy October everyone!



The new shop is open! OMG. The new shop it open!

Can you tell I’m excited? Can you tell I threw in the towel with my previous shop platform because I literally don’t have the time to make it do what I need it to do? So I’m on Etsy.

There you go.

Currently there are only the sock yarns up. There is DK and Aran to come. And patterns. And… kits! Which I am building and finalising as we speak and should be ready to go in about a month. Fingers crossed.

But yes, the shop is open.


I’m so pleased.

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