Watch “Fauxdori Traveler’s Notebook walkthrough May 2016” on YouTube

Oops I seem to have a youtube channel. Bit really you (though obviously I mean me), can only watch only so many planner walkthroughs and unboxings before you’re itching to have a go yourself. Plus it’s easier, quicker, and hopefully clearer to explain how my planner works via video, rather than through photos.

This time round I’ve go through my fauxdori traveler’s notebook set up. I don’t use this for my day tp day planning. Instead it is a collect of inserts that I use for different collections of note I am currently making. Some are home ed/homeschool specific (though I’m planning to do another video all about how I use my fauxdori for planning and recording our home education), others are notes about running a business, and still others are for books and blog-posts I’m reading and want to remember.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

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