December and January Empties

(I have really enjoyed watching empties videos by various people on you tube, and off the back of that started keeping things I had used up to review later. It’s an interesting process and it encourages me to use stuff rather than abandon it half full and eventually throw it away in a fit of tidying.)

Shower Gels

I went through two of the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gels in the last couple of months, and while I really enjoyed them I think I am up for a change. Maybe something lemony.

The kids finished off the mango shower gel and we have another on the go at the minute.


I got the Aussie Deep Treatment 3 minute Miracle Winter Miracle Conditioner on special offer and it was fine, but I’m probably not hunting out another and currently I’ve just gone back to what I was using before.

Hand Wash

The Imperial Leather Summer Sunrise is one I have been buying since last summer. I have it downstairs at our kitchen sink at the moment and still like it.

Thr Waitrose Lime and Basil handwash is one I got to refill the Christmas Tree shaped handwash that I had used up. It was nice and worked fine and if it goes on special offer I’ll buy it again I think.


I had Stashing Through the Snow in the run up to Christmas and Ho Ho Oh over the Christmas week and into new year. I think I had Merry and Bright in the new year but I think that empty is still in my bag. They were all great!


I went through two pots of Olay Firm and Lift day cream, probably because I was a bit more heavy handed with it in the colder weather. I have a new pot on the go at the moment and I like it fine.

I finally finished the Boots Time Delay Eye Cream. It just seemed to go on and on for ever! Again I have another on the go and I think it is fine.

Wax Melts

I got the Yankee Candle Home Inspiration wax melts in Apple Pomegranate from my local Asda and the kids liked it, but I wasn’t that bothered so I probably won’t buy it again.

Our local Asda at home also had a number of Scentsationals in store, (I haven’t found them anywhere else) and after trying a couple I stocked up on Cupcake, and Apple Berry Crumble, both of which I really liked and melted a lot before I got the Chrismas stuff out.

I also melted a lot of Goose Creek Pumpkin Spice Muffin, which is one of my favourite autumn wax melts.

I finished up Goose Creek French Toast which the kids liked but I found too maple-y, so I probably won’t buy it again.

In the lead up to Christmas I got a great deal on Yankee Candle tarts and votives. Star Anise and Orange was nice but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. Mandarin Cranberry was was lovely and I would pick that up again.

Iced Gingerbread and Christmas Garland were so nice that I bought them as candles with a later offer. Christmas Garland inspired me to melt my Christmas Tree melts along with a sweet bakery melt which is what I did for most of Christmas.

I have been using the Iced Gingerbread candle for much of January. It has a medium throw that is nice but not over powering.

My son has taken over one of my wax melters while the building work is going on. He picked a Yankee Candle Votive of Exotic Fruits and has been running it in his room for the last week. It is very passion fruity and has lasted well.

I am kinda done with Airwick candles as they usually smell pretty air freshener-y but the Spread the Joy Mince Pie candle was good.

If you have got this far, I will probably only make these posts every couple of months. Honest. 🙂

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