An Aran Shrug in June

OKY knitting may 2015

Yes it’s June (though it’s not exactly the hottest June) and I’m knitting an aran weight shrug. However it’s actually a pretty comfortable knit, since it’s knit quite loosely on 7mm needles.

I modified the cuff by striping the stitch pattern, and then I decided that I preferred the look of the wrong side, to the right, so I used that side instead when starting the stocking stitch portion. It’s now big enough that I can’t knit it standing up, which is a bit tricky because small people want to sit on me whenever I try to sit down. However it’s proved to be the perfect knit while I work on swapping my knitting style from English to Continental, which I’m doing with the help of Lorilee Beltman’s Craftsy Class*.

(Continental purling is so efficient! I’m hooked!)

Hopefully the loose knit, with some decent blocking, will even out and early teething troubles as a swap styles. But hopefully this will give me more knitting bang of my buck, in this season of more limited knitting opportunities. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. 😉

The yarn, naturally, is OxfordKitchenYarns BFL Aran, in Chocolate Cherry and Cloudy Sky.



(*As ever, this is not in any way a sponsored post. I just like this stuff.)

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