What I’m knitting right now.

secret project for my sister

I currently have two many projects on the go. And certainly too many projects not knit in OxfordKitchenYarn to be able to call knitting on them ‘work’. 😉 But I thought I would show you the ones I have actually been working on this week.

Firstly the photo above is a sneak preview of the baby blanket that will be heading off to my sister in Ireland in the next couple of months.  I’m really enjoying it (especially once I put it on a better needle), and it’s knit in OxfordKitchenYarns Aran (milk, lemon curd, and pansy).  I’ll show you the finished thing, once my sister has it safe at her house.

more Sand Dollar Dish Cloths

more Sand Dollar Dish Cloths

more Sand Dollar Dish Cloths

Next up are MORE dish cloths.

These are knit in Louisa Harding Yarns ‘Noema’, which is a cotton, acrylic, polyamide blend (heavy on the cotton at 75%), with great variegated colour and a hint of shimmer to it. I’m getting two dish cloths to a ball, easily, and I’m really pleased with the finished cloths. (I might have to look more closely at what other colours there are in the range.

Remixed Country Kiddie

Remixed Country Kiddie

The final thing I’m showing you this week, is another Country Kiddie (I think I’ve knit about 8 now!), though this one is heavily remixed, and made bigger than the pattern goes to. It’s for FB, and it’s probably about 2″ from being finished. Poor FB, I keeping picking it up and telling her it’s nearly done!, and then getting distracted by something else that needs finishing first. Luckily I’m the driving force behind the project, rather than her, so she doesn’t mind really. She just likes that mummy is knitting her something.

Fingers crossed that she wears it.

(I can’t remember what the yarn is. Sorry.)


And just to bring a bit more reality to this post – this is what the rest of the table looked like. 🙂

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