Happy New Year

Christmas cake 2012
(Yes the children helped me decorate the cake. Why do you ask?)

Christmas was a blur. This was the first year that FB really got ‘Christmas’ and so things were a little too busy in our house the week before and the week of Christmas despite my best efforts. I have made myself a number of notes to help with next year, the first being that I took on too many projects in the run up the Christmas and paid the price*.

Our family looked after us well but to be honest I never really got my head in the game. I’m preoccupied with things coming up in the next couple of months – like giving birth and having a newborn in the house – and getting done the things that need to be finished before the birth happens (oh I hope that’s how it goes!)

Flooding at Christchurch Meadow, Oxford
(There were some good family walks though. Christchurch meadow was flooded, as expected.)

However Christmas had it’s surprises, even for me despite the fact I am chief organiser in our house, and on December 30th we took possession of two beehives from a much loved friend of ours who is moving to Australia in April. We have been talking about getting bees for about 3 years now, and had just decided to put it off again in 2013, but this was an offer too good to turn down.


So now we have bees. Very exciting!


Apart from that I am reading a huge amount (more on that tomorrow…), having a HUGE CLEAR OUT in the house, and getting ready to start dyeing again later this week. (More Chunky Yarn for Darn it and Stitch, plus more of everything else to rebuild very depleted stocks.)


*Mind you, I’ll still show you all the stuff I made, once I photograph them. 🙂

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