Art at Christ Church Cathedral made from Oxford Kitchen Yarn

updated exhibit poster

Rachel setting up at Oxford Cathedral

Rachel setting up at Oxford Cathedral

I don’t do many commissioned dye lots right now, as a general. It’s something I stopped advertising through the shop* once life here started getting filled with small children.

But every so often a request comes through that is too interesting to turn down.

Would I like to dye nearly 11,000m of yarn for an artist who is exhibiting at the Cathedral? YES!

So off to the woad pots I went on a wet sunday afternoon, and tonight I get to see what has become of the yarn. It’s very exciting, especially having seen the test pieces, and wallowed in the colours (oh woad, I do love your magical soul!)



*Shop update: having currently neither the time nor the patience for zencart I have moved OxfordKitchenYarns to etsy. I’m planning to open the shop in the next month. More news to follow.

What’s under the pram? (no.1)

I cleaned out under the pram and found:

– a bunch of bananas (still totally edible)
– half a bag of seed potatoes (that really need to go in the ground)
– 2 empty nappy bags (which would blow away if it weren’t for said bananas)
– a christmas card
– the remains of a drawing from playgroup
– 3 pinecones
– sundry dust and dried mud and bits of leaves

What will accumulate there next week?

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