Home Ed Voices Podcast – Season 1 Episode 1: Katie

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The Home Ed Voices Podcast is a UK-based Home Education Podcast that profiles the lives of home ed families.  You can find out more about the podcast here.

This week, presenter Katie tells you about her family’s home education journey and ends up recommending far too many great children’s graphic novels. Oops!

Show Notes:

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Dear Home Ed Mother Me, a year ago

Dear Home Ed Mother Me, A Year Ago,

I know you have read all the articles about how some homeschooled children read later, and how they get there in the end, and I know you are trying to have faith in the process, but at the same time you are holding your breath, waiting to see if it is true or not for you.

I know you have filled the house with books, books that you actually read and that you read to your children, and I know you watch as your eldest, now eight, plays with his lego and listens to audiobooks for hours. I know you are aware that his vocabulary is good – see what all that reading aloud has done – and that understands what he is listening to. That he understands a great deal about a great number of things.

I know that together, you and your son, have worked your way through your reading program, and that you have looked for ways to sneak in reading practice in ways that your son can tolerate. I know you have thought hard and researched whether there is an underlying problem, and come to the conclusion that you don’t think there is one, but will keep your eyes open. I know you have walked the thin line between not pushing him to hard, but also not avoiding the whole topic because it feels so hard.

I know you know that he has grasped the general rules of sounding words out, that he knows quite a few sight words, but he is unwilling to read more that about 5 sentences at a time.

But here’s what I – you a year in the future – know that you don’t yet know:

I know that a few days before you go on holiday in the summer you will go to the library. You will pick up a funny, silly chapter book about pirates on a whim, because the cover caught your eye and you are going to the seaside. I know that you will read the first chapter to your children the first night you are all away, and that they will want more but that it is time for bed. I know that your son will nick off with the book before going off to his room (it is probably a key point that he has his own room, and that he isn’t keeping anyone else awake with his bedside light.)

The next morning he will tell you he read three pages of the next chapter and you will hold your breath. He will tell his grandparents too, and you will start to smile because maybe this whole homeschooling thing won’t actually ruin your children. But you will also wait to see what happens next. He will take the book to a restaurant, and when he goes to the beach. He will have his nose in a book throughout that holiday like he has been doing it his whole life.

He will finish the book, and then he won’t really know where to go next, but he will also know that he has finished a book, and that he did it for fun, and that is an important spark.

He will start reading Beast Quest books.  Then he will start inhaling them. He will have a sleepless night at another grandparent’s house and not care because he will read two and a half Beast Quest novels through that night, and be mighty proud of himself. He will pick up a book called ‘Spirit Animals’ at the library (which will lead to a conversation between the two of you about cultural appropriation) and he will inhale that too, even though the print is smaller that Beast Quests and the page count is longer.

You will, nonchalantly, as if you don’t really care, stick a reading word test in front of him, and idly suggest he tries reading the words until he gets three wrong in a single set. You tried it before, in late spring, while panicking about your ability to do all this, so you happen to have data to compare him against himself. In less that two months he will have jumped four grades.

He will move into his own room and your early bird will start sleeping later because he is staying up reading in his bed. You will go to the library on a Tuesday and on the Friday have a pile of books to go back, which is good because the reservations you and he put in have turned up.

You will buy him eighteen Beast Quest novels for his birthday and two months later there will be three left under your bed, waiting to be read, being over taken by library books for new series that he wants to try.

He will read the first two Harry Potters, and go straight on to the third.

He will devour books. He will build lego figures of the characters. He will offer up their stories in other conversations, connecting information together. You knew he loved stories, he has bathed in stories since he was small, but now he has them at his fingertips.

I know you have read all the articles about how some homeschooled children read later, and how they get there in the end, and I know you are trying to have faith in the process.

Have faith in the process. He gets there in the end and it is SO worth it.




December and January Empties

(I have really enjoyed watching empties videos by various people on you tube, and off the back of that started keeping things I had used up to review later. It’s an interesting process and it encourages me to use stuff rather than abandon it half full and eventually throw it away in a fit of tidying.)

Shower Gels

I went through two of the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gels in the last couple of months, and while I really enjoyed them I think I am up for a change. Maybe something lemony.

The kids finished off the mango shower gel and we have another on the go at the minute.


I got the Aussie Deep Treatment 3 minute Miracle Winter Miracle Conditioner on special offer and it was fine, but I’m probably not hunting out another and currently I’ve just gone back to what I was using before.

Hand Wash

The Imperial Leather Summer Sunrise is one I have been buying since last summer. I have it downstairs at our kitchen sink at the moment and still like it.

Thr Waitrose Lime and Basil handwash is one I got to refill the Christmas Tree shaped handwash that I had used up. It was nice and worked fine and if it goes on special offer I’ll buy it again I think.


I had Stashing Through the Snow in the run up to Christmas and Ho Ho Oh over the Christmas week and into new year. I think I had Merry and Bright in the new year but I think that empty is still in my bag. They were all great!


I went through two pots of Olay Firm and Lift day cream, probably because I was a bit more heavy handed with it in the colder weather. I have a new pot on the go at the moment and I like it fine.

I finally finished the Boots Time Delay Eye Cream. It just seemed to go on and on for ever! Again I have another on the go and I think it is fine.

Wax Melts

I got the Yankee Candle Home Inspiration wax melts in Apple Pomegranate from my local Asda and the kids liked it, but I wasn’t that bothered so I probably won’t buy it again.

Our local Asda at home also had a number of Scentsationals in store, (I haven’t found them anywhere else) and after trying a couple I stocked up on Cupcake, and Apple Berry Crumble, both of which I really liked and melted a lot before I got the Chrismas stuff out.

I also melted a lot of Goose Creek Pumpkin Spice Muffin, which is one of my favourite autumn wax melts.

I finished up Goose Creek French Toast which the kids liked but I found too maple-y, so I probably won’t buy it again.

In the lead up to Christmas I got a great deal on Yankee Candle tarts and votives. Star Anise and Orange was nice but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. Mandarin Cranberry was was lovely and I would pick that up again.

Iced Gingerbread and Christmas Garland were so nice that I bought them as candles with a later offer. Christmas Garland inspired me to melt my Christmas Tree melts along with a sweet bakery melt which is what I did for most of Christmas.

I have been using the Iced Gingerbread candle for much of January. It has a medium throw that is nice but not over powering.

My son has taken over one of my wax melters while the building work is going on. He picked a Yankee Candle Votive of Exotic Fruits and has been running it in his room for the last week. It is very passion fruity and has lasted well.

I am kinda done with Airwick candles as they usually smell pretty air freshener-y but the Spread the Joy Mince Pie candle was good.

If you have got this far, I will probably only make these posts every couple of months. Honest. 🙂

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